During my life-times, especially in primary school the literacy materials are limited.


p style="text-align:center;"strongWhat do you think of the literacy materials that you have had at school, were they substantial? Discuss./strong/p p      During my life-times, especially in primary school the literacy materials are limited. As my country is a poor country and it is not a modern country so we don’t have any special materials that have had used in the classroom. However, the best literacy materials that has been used was visual papers. It is a drew-papers which were to indicate  letters, words, and sentences.  It really helpful to students understanding and interesting in learning. Moreover, we have a good comfortable environment inside the class room which is word walls. These word walls have made by hand writing from students and teachers, as we don’t have any printing machine. But what make students improve their literacy skills? Although we don’t have any modern literacy materials in the classroom but students still can develop their literacy skills by using visual drew-papers to learn literature./p p      It’s these literacy materials is important? I would like to say yes. These materials I really help during my childhood. As I’m an English native speaker so I have to learn how to write and read. Because of these materials, I have improved my English read and wring a lot. For example, when I want to learn a new word, the only thing that I usually do is to look at the visual papers. So I can identify the meaning of the word by looking at the picture. But it is not only to know the meaning but also it will help me to remember the word long time. Furthermore, words walls also important. It is unrealizable ways to keep the word in mind. For instant, I always look at the word on the wall without focusing on it. But later when my teacher as me to give the name of a picture, I realize that this picture has been on the wall, so I can give the name of it. This is because word wall-papers./p